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Well done to all the Momentum Sports athletes over the summer and winter season to date. We've seen so many great performances, made all the better by the athletes dedication to overcome all the covid problems of the last couple of years. Well done to all concerned - athletes and coaches alike. Keep up the good work.

We are back to normal now, offering all the coaching at the track in Kingston, all our online coaching, 1-2-1 coaching in parks, group training for beginners, kids, elite athletes and everything in between. Just ask and we can help.

Please contact us with any queries you might have and we'll do all we can to assist you.

What do we do?

Here are some of the key things we can do to help you with this great sport of ours. From free training advice to online coaching from qualified professional coaches set specifically for you. From sprinters to marathon runners, improve your fitness and speed with targeted running sessions, circuits, weights, plyometrics, stretching, nutrition and psychology.


One of many reviews from our athletes throughout the site

Momentum Sports' online coaching facility has helped me over many years, even though I am an experienced athlete, as I am now in my fifties and have suffered many injuries in the past. Richard's support and guidance have been vital especially when dealing with niggles or injuries. The objective advice has helped me to target the right intensity in training and ensure that I take enough rest. The ability to message Richard when necessary, in addition to the online training plan, keeps the service personal and it is excellent value for money."

Here is an example video to demonstrate how we can help runners of all abilities. This one looks at some very simple technique for making your running technique better.

There are many more throughout the site - please look around and enjoy them. If you have any questions, just ask through any of the methods below.

Video Improve Your Running Technique - Can Holding Eggs Make You Faster??

Guest Articles

RED-S (Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport) is a serious problem, affect men and women of all ages. It is more common in distance athletes, because the have such energy intensive training, and we have asked one such athlete, Katherine Wood, to write an article for all our readers about her experiences, which she has done in a very eloquent way. We highly recommend you read her story.

Read about the inspirational story of Patrick Crossan who was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease a couple of years ago and has shown that a serious diagnosis like this doesn't have to mean the end of your ambitions in life.