Momentum Sports Academy Sponsorship

Momentum Sports is sponsoring a number of athletes to achieve their very best results through a range of initiatives and sponsorship opportunities.

Want to get the best support to achieve your goals?

The Momentum Sports Academy is helping more athletes than ever before to achieve within the sport. We offer significant assistance to athletes we coach across a range of events to supplement their coaching with medical, psychological and nutritional help. We also assist with the costs of kit, track use and travel where possible, aiming to cover all of these bases and allow athletes to concentrate on what they need to do in terms of training and competing.

In short, we aim to provide support to athletes that will help them succeed, when backed by their dedication and talent.

We estimate an average athlete at this level spends between £3000 a year on their sport. We can't promise to cover all of this, but we help significantly and also have the ability to offer athletes enjoyable work coaching youngsters to supplement their funds (and avoid the necessity of a Saturday job etc. interrupting their progress)

Academy Structure

The scheme is split up into Gold, Silver and Bronze standards – the standard at which athletes begin will depend on their experience, levels of attainment, and commitment to training.

Bronze level support will include:

  • Coaching and Track use costs reduced by 40%
  • More specialised coaching time – e.g. specific work on starts, technique, strength & conditioning, etc
  • Help organising a race schedule to allow peaking at optimal points during the season
  • Funding towards external courses where affordable
  • Momentum Sports Academy kit can be bought
  • Cheap sports massage (just £15 per 30mins) and priority access to our medical team, with trackside sports therapy at training sessions

As well as the above, Silver level support includes:

  • 60% off coaching and track costs
  • Free massages
  • Free Kit
  • Help with balancing work / study / training requirements
  • Extra coaching sessions from experts in particular fields (e.g. S&C, psychology, nutrition etc)

Finally, Gold level support involves all of the above plus:

  • 75% off coaching and track costs
  • Free massages (double the Silver level)
  • More concentrated help with Physiotherapy, Biomechanical Analysis, Nutrition
  • Specific work to build up an individual sponsorship fund

All of this is given in return for commitment and application from our athletes, including living healthily and sensibly and keeping a log of training (using the Online Diary) for review at a later date.

Those in the Academy also agree to give a small percentage of any earnings they make from their athletics back to the fund to support the group as a whole. Generally, this is 15%. To be honest, as most in the sport will know, it is unusual for any but the most elite athletes to earn any money at all - but this is here to help both the athletes paying in and also the next generation of athletes to follow. The amount paid in by athletes is dwarfed by the donations of our kind donors.


Whilst we at Momentum Sports are happy to bear quite a number of the costs involved here and are hugely appreciative of the donors who have already contributed the scheme - it is beyond our means to fund everything we wish to.

We have so far helped with regular sports massages, sports nutrition assistance, extra mentoring, some kit and helping subsidise a training trip abroad.

There is, however, more that we would like to be able to offer, so any extra sponsorship for the group that can be gained would be fantastic.

If there are any potential backers for this project, please get in touch with us at and we will be happy to talk in further details about our plans. It is not a purely one-way street. In return for any help you can offer we'd be happy to advertise you, if you wanted, through both our website and on any appropriate kit purchases. Remember, Momentum Sports is one of the biggest running websites in the UK with in excess of 70,000 visitors and 250,000 page impressions every quarter - so we know your support will become widely known amongst the running community.

Momentum Sports Academy Athletes

To achieve the levels within the academy, we do use a little bit of discretion - but the general criteria are

  • Bronze - To be both dedicated and determined as an athlete over a number of years and competed at a good senior club level and showing significant progress in moving towards the silver level requirements. This level is only for athletes established in our system, not new athletes.
  • Silver - As above and also to be ranked in, or have the ability to be ranked in the top 80 as a senior in the UK (top 40 in a field event) within 12 months
  • Gold - As above, but top 10 in the UK (top 5 for field events).

For younger or older athletes, those who rank very highly in their age group rankings or World Masters rankings will also be considered, but the requirements here are a bit tighter. Please ask for details if interested.

Check out the Gold, Silver and Bronze Athlete Profiles of those who are included in the Momentum Sports Academy currently.

Sponsorship within the Momentum Sports Academy

If you are an athlete with aspirations to achieve high levels of performance over the next few years and might be interested in gaining the benefits of the program, please get in touch with us at It is always great to welcome more athletes into the scheme.

We need to be relatively systematic about the inclusion of athletes in the project, as it is going to be a two-way street, with the supply of resources for these athletes needing reciprocal dedication and performance from them.

The group will therefore need to be fluid to an extent with each year more athletes who achieve high levels of attainment and show the potential to improve further being included and any not living up to expectation leaving the group.

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