Racing Starts

Learning to start your race properly is clearly of primary importance to sprinters, where giving away a few tenths of a second to competitors could make all the difference.

However, it is also important to start well in longer races as well, ensuring that you get away from the start properly and settle in the correct position for you in the race.

There are starts here for all types of races. Please choose the one that interests you.

Blocks and Crouch Starts for Sprinters

Starting a relay leg - changeover

Starting a middle/long distance track race

Starting a race with many competitors

Running Session Types and Definitions

  1. Running Strides
  2. Race Starts - All Distances
  3. Sprints
  4. Speed / Speed Endurance
  5. Lactic Acid Training
  6. Interval Training
  7. Fartlek Sessions
  8. Steady Running
  9. Recovery Runs
  10. Threshold / Tempo Runs
  11. Split Run Training
  12. Pyramid Training
  13. Hill Running
  14. Paarlauf Intervals
  15. Running Races
















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