Running Training Guide

Here we will guide you through the principles of good practice for the various running training techniques covered.

There are nearly 200 pages of running information, containing advice and techniques, which athletes of all standards will find useful when improving fitness and speed. Sprinters, middle distance and long distance runners will all find advice to helping their running improve.

If there is any running information that we don't have that you would like to know about please use the comments link at the bottom of the page and let us know.

To give you a taste of the types of information we try to help people with - here is a quick introductory video on how to do starts. There are many, many more throughout our site - so tuck in and enjoy!

Training Index

  1. Warming Up - What to do
  2. Stretching - When and how to stretch
  3. Running Drills - Running Specific Drills in 3 categories
  4. Weight Training - Get stronger to improve your Speed
  5. Circuit Training - Improve your conditioning
  6. Core Stability - Understanding and Improving your Core
  7. Type of Running Training Sessions - Running Session Types explained
  8. Cooling Down - Starting your recovery!
  9. Running Technique - Do's and Don'ts of economical running
  10. Event Specific Training - The training you should do for your event
  11. Types of Starts - How to start in various races
  12. Masters Running - Older Runners Training Info
  13. Race Pages - Types of races you will come across and recommendations

Other factors to take into account during your running.

  1. Planning your Running Program - Preparing a Running Schedule
  2. Choosing Running Shoes - Top tips on choosing running shoes.
  3. Testing your Running Training - Finding your strengths and weaknesses
  4. Sports Massage - How and why this benefits runners.
  5. Sports Psychology - Getting your mind ready to run
  6. Nutrition for Runners - We are what we eat!
  7. Injuries and Illnesses - Coping when things go wrong
  8. Coaching Philosophy - Our view on what coaching involves
  9. Running Calculators - Find out how your running measures up.

Guest Article - Hamstring Health

If you like the information contained here and would like to benefit from the experience of the authors, why not have a think about receiving your own, personalised running training program.

We can help all runners of all abilities with a program, which unlike many training programs available, is not just a pre-defined schedule, it is tailored to your individual progression and needs on an ongoing basis - with e-mail contact available when you need it.

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