Running Training Guide

Here we cover everything you need to know about how to train for running and athletics.

How do you train for your event?

Training Techniques

In over 200 pages of athletics training techniques and advice for athletes of all standards, we'll guide you through how to train for sprints, middle distance and long distances. This is all based on our experiences of professional athletics coaching for over 20 years, since we set up in February 2000.

Being informed about what you are doing, in any walk of life, is important - and it is no less so with running training. The more knowledge you have, the better you'll be able to achieve all that you hope for.

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To give you a taste of the types of information we try to help people with - here is a quick introductory video on how to do starts. There are many, many more throughout our site and on our Youtube channel - so tuck in and enjoy!

Video How to Start - Introduction. Standing, Crouch, 3-point and Blocks - all you need to know.

If you like the information contained here and would like to benefit from the experience of the authors, why not have a think about receiving your own, personalised running training program.

Our experienced, professional athletics coaches can help all runners of all abilities with a program, which unlike many training programs available, is not just a pre-defined schedule, it is tailored to your individual progression and needs on an ongoing basis - with e-mail contact available when you need it.

We have helped literally thousands of athletes in this way over more than 20 years we've been established - both with online and in person athletics coaching. We know we can help you get the best from your sport too.