• Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus and Running / Athletics

We're open and helping athletes both at Kingston and all over the world

After months in lockdown we have gradually and safely, following all government and governing body rules, managed to re-open all of our different athletics groups. It is really exciting to be back. There are some new rules we have to follow to keep everyone safe, but essentially we can now coach everyone that we did previously and are welcome new athletes as well.

It has been a heartbreaking time for everyone and we are all feeling a bit lost. Our primary concern is still fighting this horrible disease and our thoughts are with all those who are fighting the infection or who have lost loved ones.

Competitions have even started again and our athletes have been advancing to new levels with their training and competitive performances. Well done to everyone for all your efforts.

If you are not currently achieving what you feel is possible, we can help. A bit of expert guidance with your sport can really help and we are here to assist you in any way we can to take you to the next level.

We've spent 20 years helping athletes and many of our coaches are competitors too, so we know how to help. We also know how to help people through hard times, because, although no-one has been through this before, we regularly help, support and bring back to full training athletes who have been ill or injured, or who haven't trained for a period of time.

During lockdown we kept in contact with our athletes almost as much as normal and a lot of our athletes come to us because we know how to help them when they don't have time / availablity to join others in normal times - which was even more true earlier in 2020.

To see all that we have to offer, please go to this page with all our services on it.

We have also been releasing more videos to try to help athletes through this time, they are all on our YouTube Channel.

Subscribe to our YouTube channel at:

We have put out "Daily Challenges" to give people something to just mix up their training with a little exercise or set of exercise that can be done at home.

It is even possible to convert a lot of your normal training into training at home or in a small area. Here we have an example of what can be done with hurdles.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions on any of this our email is coaches@momentumsports.co.uk.


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