Video Analysis

Not only do runners need to be doing the correct training, but to be doing it in the correct way.

That is to say that it is not just a case of following a running programme to suit their needs, but also learning to run properly and strengthen the requisite muscles to enable to move as efficiently as possible.

Photo Video Analysis

Since 2000 we have been providing training schedules to runners and since 2005 we've offered a video anaylsis service as well, which we are happy to offer to all runners, whether they subscribe to our regular coaching or not.

If you run a lot and have often wondering if there are things that you should be doing better, then we can help. For just £50 you can send us a video of yourself running and we will send you back a report which looks and how your currently run and provides detailed personalised suggestions on how can look to improve your running technique including

  1. tips on what to think about as you run
  2. running drills that can help you improve your technique
  3. stretching and strengthening exercise to help you hold a good running posture

Some runners plateau at a level when they are just going out and running, and can find big improvements through changes to their technique as well as through a better structured program.

If this is something that would interest you please drop us an e-mail ( and we will be happy to help you.

In order to give you the best results, it is worth sending an edited clip of you running at various speeds and from various angles. The quality most phone cameras is perfectly good enough and if you can do slow motion for some of it, all the better. You could also send clips of you doing any drills you feel you are struggling with. We find the use of the free system is probably the easiest way to send these over

If you have any queries or want to send over your videos, the email to use is