• Injuries and Illness

Injuries and Illness

This section is going to contain a number of sections about a variety of subjects all aimed at helping runners when injury or illness strikes, which it inevitably will at some stage.

There will be articles written from a professional medical viewpoint and also those that are written by athletes and coaches from their perspective.

We are working to vastly increase the literature here, so if there is a subject that you are interested in, please contact us (see link at bottom of page) and let us know what it is and we'll try to help.

Professional Events are hosting a conference for runners which should be of interested to anyone involved in coaching or treating athletes to help the get the best out of their sport. For more information please visit their website .

Further reading

  1. Shin Splints - What are they and how should we treat them
  2. Achilles Pain - all you need to know
  3. Hamstring Health - Keep away from preventable problems
  4. RICE and MICE - What is it and how should I use it?
  5. Coping with Injury and Illness - A coaches view
  6. Blisters - Treatment and Prevention
  7. Running Cramps - Treatment and Avoidance




















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