Athletics Training for Specific Events

Every athletics event is unique and requires different types of training to produce the best results.

Because athletics is split into a large number of different disciplines, we need to consider the requirements of the different events separately. Rather than consider every single event, for ease we are going to split them into

It is important to remember when looking at these pages that these are just some suggestions and general ideas as to how to prepare for the various events. They are not specific to anyones individual needs.

If you would like to receive coaching that is specifically aimed at meeting your training goals, then consider our Online Coaching, where we will be able to help you get the most out of your running.

  1. Sprints
  2. 400m
  3. Middle Distances (800 / 1500)
  4. Long Distance (5000m - Half Marathon)
  5. Marathons +
  6. Hurdles
  7. Long Jump
  8. Triple Jump

Here is an introduction video we've released on starts for all types of race. There are many more instructional videos throughout the site to help you with your athletics.

Video How to Start - Introduction. Standing, Crouch, 3-point and Blocks - all you need to know.

If you would like to know what times you might be able to manage at a range of events, why not try out our Race Time Predictor