Upper Body Weights Exercises

Deltoid Lifts

Video Cleans Weight Lifting. How to lift a great Clean to develop power and strength.

When weight training, it is important to try to replicate movements that are going to be repeated when we are running. These two exercises (particularly the first pull up deltoid lift) are very useful to athletes as they replicate the movements we will use during running sessions (though with a straight arm instead of a bent one in a running action for the front lift). Our deltoids are used a lot when we are running and hence strengthening them is important.

For both lifts, ensure that you tense your stomach and back when lifting and keep your back straight.

For the back lift, pull the dumbell up vertically, rather than pulling it back behind you.

You will find you can lift approximately twice the weight on the back lift as you can the front one.

Bench Press

Bench Press is probably the most commonly used of the weights exercises. It can be performed either on a fixed machine or with free weights (as shown here). Having selected the weight to lift, lie with your back flat on the bench and feet flat on the floor. Lift the bar off the bench and when steady lower it to touch your chest, before lifting back to the position where you arms are extended. Try to ensure the bar moves up and down as vertically as possible.

The person standing behind you, "spotting" you, is there to ensure that if you struggle with the weight, they can help you lift it back onto the stand.

Photo Bech Press

Shoulder Press

Lift the weight up onto your shoulders. This can be done from the floor or from a squats rack (if lifting from the floor use the cleans method to lift it to chest level).

With hands slightly further than shoulder width apart, and legs and back straight, lift the weight as shown.

At the top of the lift your arms should be straight, but do not lock your elbows, since doing this over a period of time can damage them.

Photo Shoulder Press

Arm Curls

Holding the bar with your palms away from your body, lift the bar to the starting position so that it is just above the height of your knees. Keeping your back straight and still, and your legs straight, lift the bar so that it is around chest height. The only part of your body that should move during this exercise is from your elbows down to your hands.

If you have difficulty keeping your body still during the exercise, try standing with your back against a wall, as this should reduce any sway in your body.

Photo Arm Curls