Sub 3 Hour Marathon Training Guide

Long Runs

The long run is the long run!

This sounds like a daft statement, but it is the case that all marathon runners need to do them and as you become an expert this continues in the same way. The is little point in extending the distance significantly, as you achieve the training goal with runs of 18-25 miles and doing more will just leave you too tired to perform well in your other training.

For this reason we would call the long run the bread and butter of marathon training. It is about doing the fundamentals, ticking the box and then moving on to the other training in the week.

What we would expect from an expert marathon runner though, is to to be a little more inquisitive. Alright, so you need to get out and do the mileage, but what else can be gained during the sessions. We believe the long run is a good time to work on other aspects of your race day preparation. For example

Learn to drink from a bottle whilst running

Experiment with your nutrition before, during and after the sessions.

Find out which shoes are the right ones for you

Try different amounts of clothing for different conditions, should I wear gloves, hat, long sleeved t-shirt etc.

Find a comfortable pair of socks, which don't cause blisters (then buy several pairs!)

Practice doing the long run at the time of your race (ideally having got up at the time you'll need to on race day).

All these things will help familiarise you with what will happen on the day of the race and leave you better prepared for it.

Some would suggest that you try doing some of these long runs at race pace, however, at Momentum Sports we think that you shouldn't do this as you will not be under race stresses and conditions. We would suggest that you do a couple of preliminary races before your big marathon over half marathon to 20 mile distances and practice racing there.

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