Intermediate Marathon Training Guide

Stepping Up your Marathon Training

You have run a marathon or two, or a moving up in distance from shorter events, which you have been doing regularly. You now want to break through to the next level and record some decent times in the marathon.

The most important thing here is to remember the same principles that help runners do their first marathon and that is that it is almost entirely aerobic and requires a lot of running mileage in order to complete the distance.

However, in addition to covering the mileage, you'll also be looking at ways in which you can improve your speed, learning terms like VO2 and lactate threshold, and will want to learn about what the elite runners do to gain an edge.

You will soon realise that there are a thousand different sources of information available to marathon runners looking to improve and, whilst there a common elements to most of them, there are a thousand different opinion as to what you should be doing to get a faster marathon time.

Getting your Marathon Training Right

Our aim in this section is to provide details on the types of training that is available able with some suggestions and facts. It would then leave you (and your coach if you have one) to in a better position to build a schedule that is right for you (not something with pre-defined schedules a very good at).

In this section we will be adding new articles over the coming weeks, so please return to get more information.

Learn more / further reading

  1. Starting Point
  2. Training Paces
  3. How far and how often should I run?
  4. Recovery
  5. Tracking your Training
  6. Eating the right food
  7. Preparation Races and Race Day
  8. What Clothing and Shoes do I need?

Using all this information will help you put together a better plan for your training and help reduce the times that you can run.

Remember, if this all seems a bit daunting, we can put together a schedule prepared specifically for you from our team of experienced coaches with our Online Coaching.







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