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Welcome to the Momentum Sports' Online Running Coaching. Here is where you can receive coaching which will help you to achieve your running goals, by targeting training specifically at your level of ability, ambitions and current fitness.

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All our coaching is entirely personalised, the aim being to do what is right for you to reach your potential.

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I have been working with Momentum Sports, and specifically Richard Holt as my online coach, since June 2018. I had previously been running for many years but after I moved away from club athletics I was mostly running alone and making up my own training sessions. I felt like I'd reached a plateau with my training and race times. I initially signed up for 3 months to try it out but the fact I have been working with Momentum Sports for almost 2 years is testament to how much I value the coaching and enjoy the variety of training. I feel like I have been able to take my running to a new level and am truly in the best shape I've ever been in! The training has been completely tailored to my personal schedule and my running goals. Whether you're an experienced runner or completely new to the sport, I can't recommend Momentum Sports highly enough!

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