Sunday Morning Training Groups

Sunday morning fun athletics and running sessions for adults of all abilities

At Momentum Sports we cater for athletes of all abilities, age and across all events. Our Sunday morning adult session is designed to help those who want to improve their fitness and athletics / running technique in a fun, friendly atmosphere. We have two groups, one for those wishing to do the full range of athletics, and the other for longer distance running.

We meet at

Kingsmeadow Athletics Stadium (KT1 3PB), Kingston-Upon-Thames on Sunday mornings at 9.30am. Sessions last one hour. We will either train on the track or run to a local park to do the session.

This makes it easily accessible from much of south-west London, from areas like Kingston, Richmond, Teddington, Twickenham, New Malden, Surbiton and Worcester Park. Currently we have two groups within this session, this will expand as the number of athletes expands, so you'll always have athletes at your level to train with.

Group 1 - Fun all round Athletics

Sadly life often gets in the way of keeping fit, having fun and learning something new. It is easy to go many years without regular exercise. Starting to exercise again after a long break is tough. It means making time in your week to train. It means feeling uncomfortable and it can even be embarrassing. And so we put it off. And another few years pass.

Others have made the step into running and manage to get some initial success on their own. However, injuries, lack of companionship or lack of direction often get in the way of this. Too many believe athletics is only for youngsters and to do anything beyond this you have to do long distance running. This isn't the case.

With our techniques, for example, for those coming back to the sport after a long gap - who often adapt a running style similar to fast walking (as this is what the body is used to)- we will help your body to move freely again, just like we did as children.

Why not come and join us? We want to use our expertise to help our adults to get out of these ruts. We know the secrets about transforming bodies and minds and get people training alongside other adults with similar goals.

This group is for all those who see young athletes having fun and think they'd like a go themselves, those who did the sport when they were younger and would like another go or those who don't like endurance and want to have a go at something with a bit more speed and technique.

Group 2 - For Runners who want more endurance and fitness

The second group is for those who just want to run, looking to get fitter and faster. We know that and more efficiently. Whether you're a total beginner or looking to move on to a new level our experienced coaches can help progress you in session design to nurture and challenge you to move on in a friendly and knowledgeable way.

We will tailor what you do to your ability and will always make sure you are working at a level suitable for you - whether other members of the group are a little faster or slower, or fitter than you.

We can help you whether you are a total beginner, looking to understand how to start in the sport or a more experienced runner where we know help like this is often the key for those who find they have hit the all too common "plateau" and are finding further improvements in performance are a real struggle (we know, for example, a lot of Parkrun participants find this after a period of time).

We have decades of running coaching experience, at all levels, at every session and know how to help in these circumstances. The key is to work out what is holding back each individual, as it will be an individual thing - and not try to fit some generic program to all.

Session Philosophy

The groups stay close together so that no-one gets left behind and everyone encourages each other.

There is no shouting or screaming (we fundamentally don't believe in the "boot camp" type mentality). There is just helpful advice and encouragement to allow you to push your body and start feeling years younger and fitter again.

Making sure we work properly on all aspects of running, including technique, can both greatly improve fitness and also reduce the risk of injury, so are a free to enjoy more of the sport you've chosen.


We have set the price of these sessions at the same level as Kestrels (£180 for 3 months, £285 for 6 months or £470 for a whole year). You can choose to run with us on a Pay as you Go basis, at £20 per session, which is again the same price as we have for our young athletes.

Most weeks the groups are headed up by Richard Holt, Pat Logan or Caroline Jeffcote who have over 70 years of coaching and competition experience in the sport.

So, why not come and try it out? Contact if this is something that you might be interested in.

So, why not come and try it out? Contact if this is something that you might be interested in.