Running Equipment

Choosing the Best Sports Sunglasses

Many people like to run in glasses, particularly sunglasses when it is very bright, but sometimes also to help take the glare away with polarised lenses or to improve aerodynamics with a single lens.

For most people, however, probably the most important factor is the way that the glasses look and feel. They must hold well to the head and not bounce around, but not be so tight they cause a headache. They may well wrap around the face a bit to avoid side glare and, of course, should provide 100% UV protection for the eyes.

Some are rimless, others more like traditional goggles, the lenses may be mirrored or you may feel that durable scratch-resistant lenses, some of which are also shatter and impact resistant, are the most important thing to you.

They come in a staggering array of colours and also prices and are often a bit of a statement of brand loyalty.

So - which will you choose?

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