Running Clothes

Sports Bra - Making the Best Choice

For a woman, running without the correct support can be very uncomfortable. It is one of the biggest reasons that women stop taking part in sports that involve a lot of impact, which is a real shame as the solution should be relatively straightforwards. A well fitted sports bra will provide all the support you need and allow you to run without pain in the breasts.

Common problem with bras include.

  • Not providing enough support.
  • Stitching that chaffs.
  • Fastenings that rub.

You'll need to try to choose a sports bra that is supportive to your shape, but not restrictive. It should feel comfortable to wear and minimise movement when you jump.

Try to make sure that the areas that touch the skin have as little in the way of stitching and fasteners as possible.

Finally, to avoid chaffing, which is at least partly caused by perspiration, try to buy a sports bra that is made of a "wicking" material that will help draw moisture away from the skin.

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