Running Clothes

Choosing the Best Running Underwear

Not something that is often talked about in running circles - so we won't talk about it much either.

If I talk about it too much I'll start to blush, and that is all we need!

Just to say underwear for runners should be comfortable and ideally a material that isn't going to rub as you get a bit sweaty. This means that you might wish to look at soft materials that have a good wicking capacity to take moisture away from your skin, as this is a major cause of chaffing.

With chaffing likely to be your biggest problem from underwear whilst running - it is worth applying some vaseline to vulnerable areas even if you have got underwear that is good for the job.

It is also important that you think about keeping warm in the winter - often with a layer of thermal underwear as, or just over, your base layer.

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