Running Clothes

Running Tights - Making the Best Choice for You

Running tights are great.

Many of us spent our youths running around tracks in shorts and a t-shirt, freezing to death and diving in and out of changing rooms between runs just to keep warm. Occasionally, you'd try to run in tracksuit trousers, but these felt so heavy to run it that you may have well have carried weights with you (especially on wet nights, which it felt like tracksuit trousers could weigh as much as a small person!).

Then someone invented the running tight.

This was about 20 years ago and since then they have come on a lot.

The standard "trackster" is cheap and cheerful, but doesn't feel great to run in or look very good either.

High lycra content tights (which in the 90s were often in very bright colours) took over and allowed you to run as you would with shorts, but just that significantly bit warmer.

There are now various types of tights - with wicking panels on them or fleece linings or thicker material all of which serve their own purpose. You can even buy compression tights (Skins are probably the most famous brand) which hold you legs tightly and help speed recovery and reduce injury risk.

Before you buy any tights, consider the sort that are best for you, the type of running you'll be doing and the likely ambient temperature when you'll be wearing them.

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