Running Pockets

Choosing the right running pocket for you

With modern day living being what it is, we often wish to carry some keys, money or even a gadget with us when we run. This may be a mobile phone or an Ipod or a safety alarm of some sort.

To do this we need pockets!

Most running shorts and tights will have a small pocket in them, big enough for a key or a few coins, but it often isn't very secure as many of them don't have zips etc on them.

One way of sorting this problem is to buy extra pockets. You can buy a bum bag (which the Americans so lovingly call a fanny pack!), a holder to go on your arm to carry stuff in or even small pockets for keys etc which attach to your shoes.

Most of these can be carried without significantly impairing your running, so are ideal. It is even possible to buy bum bags, which can hold water bottles so you avoid dehydration, something which is a significant problems for runners out for long runs in the summer.

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