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Choosing the Best Running IPod and Accessories

Many people like to run with music in their ears (great as long as you are still listening for cars etc!). To do so we used to have to carry around a personal tape player (prior to that vinyls was rubbish - just kept jumping about). With the invention of CDs and then MP3 players this has become more and more simple and the gadgets smaller. You can now buy an IPod or equivalent that you can wear on your arm as you run which hardly restricts you at all.

Many purists will tell you it is much better to run without distraction, but if you find that having some tunes, a spoken book or some comedy to listen to helps you forget what you are doing to your body and as a result you perform better, then why not!

IPod straps for your arms are often designed to give you room to stored either an IPod or mobile phone, maybe a good idea as a safety precaution. There are specially designed earphones which won't fall out whilst you are running.

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