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Choosing the Best Jogging Stroller

Many new parents, particularly mums, want to get fitter after the birth of a child, but are restricted as they can't leave the baby at home whilst they go out for a run.

Fortunately, the new generation of buggies are much more rugged than they were in the past and are easily manouevreable so you can push them round a run with you. They even add a bit more to the workout by adding a bit of resistance (although we wouldn't recommend that you use them long term, partly as it will alter (for the worse) your technique and partly because you get funny looks if you run without a baby in one!)

It is important when choosing a jogging stroller that you look for one that is light enough to run with, but sturdy enough that it will cope with the terrain that you are going to be running over. We'd recommend that at the least you need a stroller with inflatable tyres not solid plastic ones.

You might also want a jogging stroller which for a place to store essentials (a drink, change of nappy etc) and a brake can be useful if you are tired and likely to do down a steep hill!

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