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This site is about everything to do with running. From free training advice to online coaching from qualified professional coaches set specifically for you. From sprinters to marathon runners, improve your fitness and speed with targeted running sessions, circuits, weights, plyometrics, stretching, nutrition and psychology.

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What can we do to help your running?

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Sports Massage in Kingston from our expert sports masseur.

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Running Coaching

We offer a range of services to improve your running

Online Coaching is a full service of coaching via the internet and through e-mails.

Coaching in Kingston We run groups out of Kingston where you can receive coaching and run with athletes of your standard. We have all abilities within the groups. If you wish you can go for Gold Membership, which includes sports massage, individual technique sessions and nutritional advice.

Tailored Training Sessions where a coach will help you with your running, from technique, strength, specific training sessions for specific goals or long-term planning.

Athletics Training for 8-15 year olds in Kingston. We run successful sessions with over 80 children involved who get their introduction to athletics with us.

Technique Sessions are designed to help you improve your times, by running better.

Video Analysis is to help those who are not able to get to South London to improve their running technique - just video yourself, send it to us and we'll send back recommendations for improvements.

Training Diary is for those who want to record their running training and use a range of tools to review and analyse what they have done.

Find out about the runners and coaches behind the website

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Running Training Information

We have hundreds of page of free information to help you get the most from your training. As well as the information below we have advice on massage, psychology, nutrition, race preparation and a whole lot more.

Planning your training from a yearly overview to the individual sessions.

Need some help with types of Running Sessions and Definitions? Use our pages to find out.

Training for your Event

Running Technique is very important for improving performance and remaining injury free.

Injuries and Illness we have a wide range of information to help you recover and get back to running.

Running Calculators give you feedback on how you are performing and what you might manage for other events.

Race Pages - Descriptions of the competitions and races on offer

We have guides available for choosing both Running Trainers and Spikes so that you make the correct choice for you.

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All the Latest News from Momentum Sports

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