• Map My Run

Map My Run

Here is a tool to so you can also measure any of your routes that you have run, or plan to run so that you can get accurate measurements. We particularly like being able to plan our running in advance and get a specific run, maybe with mile markers on the way that you can then measure our performance against.

You can also find runs in your area or even to suggest runs you do to other people.

We hope you like it and if you do please use the comments link at the bottom of the page to provide us feedback.

Local runs & Running Routes

MapMyRun.com is a community web site for runners and joggers who want to stay healthy, lose weight or train more effectively. MapMyRun.com provides easy-to-use, comprehensive web-based running tools, social networking, running iPhone applications, and running maps to measure distance and count calories from running. With running forums, training logs and tips from expert runners and coaches, MapMyRun.com is the social network where runners are.

This tool requires javascript to view. To map your run, visit MapMyRun.com.



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