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Living Room Athletics

Coronavirus Fundraiser

Athletics has come to a halt in the UK and around the world due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

Andy Robinson and I (Richard Holt) are both full-time involved in athletes. I am an athletics coach and Andy Robinson is a competitor and owner of the athletics entry system, Opentrack. We are both missing the competitive element, getting less fit and are acutely aware of the problems that are being caused worldwide by the Covid-19.

We thought it would be great to raise some money for those most affected by the pandemic in the UK and give people a fun challenge and way to stay / get fit.

As such we've come up with an athletics Octathlon, which we are calling "Living Room Athletics", which can now be entered on the Opentrack system, so you can take part in the challenges, record your results and look to compete against others to see if you can be the best overall, in your age group, in your club etc etc. Entries are free, although we do ask that you consider a donation to the charity detailed below, through this link.


We'd love as many of you frustrated athletes out there as possible to have a go at the challenge and to donate to the National Emergencies Trust with a fiver or tenner to help out at this time of crisis. Please post the score you got in your donation comment, it would be great to see how you got on.

National Emergenices Trust are a domestic version of the Disasters Emergency Committee and are raising funds to "to support communities made most vulnerable by the coronavirus outbreak".

Please enjoy the challenge, let us know how you have got on (videos would be great) and most importantly, please donate to this great cause.

Octathlon Set up and Rules

This is a first draft and will be in the video to go out. If this kicks off we can refine it a bit as necessary.


2 sheets of A4

Tape Measure


3 DVD cases

Masking Tape

This is 8 events designed to cover all aspects (as well as can be done in a living room!) of track and field athletics with speed, power, strength, mobility and endurance.

All events should be completed within 1 hour.

The 8 events (with scoring method) are as follows

1 - Paper Sprint

Place two pieces of paper on the ground. Run forwards and backwards over them, with both feet touching the floor either side (long length of A4 - so about 30cm) as many times as you can in 20 seconds.

Scoring - 2 points for each there and back movement. Discount those touching the paper or those which kick paper out of the way, but would have touched the paper if it was still there.

2 - Jump ability - Sargent Jump

Reach up a wall. Mark the point (masking tape to avoid damage). Jump up and touch as high as you can - measure the difference. If you are very good - you may need high ceilings or to do this one on an outside wall

Scoring - 1 point for each cm jumped.

3 - Upper body Power. Clapping during press ups

Get in press up position. The aim is to clap as many times as possible in 20 seconds whilst doing press ups. It is perfectly legitimate to clap two or more times in one press up if you have the power to be in the air long enough to do so.

Scoring - 2 points per clap

4 - Lactic Event - Burpee Test.

The aim is to do as many good burpees as possible in 60 seconds.

To qualify a full extension at the back of the squat thrust is needed and full extension of hips and hand above head in the jump.

Scoring - 2 points of burpee

5 - Co-ordination hops

Set up the DVD cases, open to make a triangle barrier.

Hop three times on one side and then move to the other side and hop three times on the other leg, before return to the first leg. Repeat as many times as possible in 20 seconds.

Scoring - 2 points of each set of three hops.

6 - Mobility Test

Find a line on the floor (eg the edge of a rug). Open your legs whilst sitting on the floor, keeping your feet behind it - getting your backside as near the line as possible whilst doing so.

Get a ruler on the ground and measure how far over (or not over!) the line you can reach with your hands.

Scoring - 1 point for each cm over the line you reach (it is possible to get a negative score on this event.

7 - Leg Strength - Pistol Squats.

Get a bench / chair / bed etc, which is less than or equal to 40cm high.

You have 20 seconds on each leg (you can take a break between the legs) to do as many squats as possible on one leg to go down and touch the bench with your backside.

To make this harder (and score bigger points) you can hold weights (or wear them in a weighted vest / back pack.

Scoring - 2 points for each squat done. Add 20% to the score for each 10kg held - eg if you hold 20kg whilst doing this and do a total of 20 squats, then you would get 2 x 20 x 1.4 = 56 points

8 - Middle Distance Endurace - High Knees

This is a 2 minute events. Here the aim is to do as many steps as possible in the 2 minutes with an on the spot high knee action. Strides only count if you bring the knee up so the upper leg is parallel with the ground. It is easiest to count just, say, the left leg each time it comes up and double this.

Scoring - 1 point for each 4 steps.

Overall, this is hopefully a good all round test of an athlete and can all be in a very confined space.

REMEMBER - https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/richard-holt13


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