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Cheap Travel Insurance for Runners

Need Travel Insurance to Race Abroad?

Most travel insurance policies don't cover you to run in races abroad, which is often the aim of athletes when they are travelling.

We can help! We have teamed up with the travel insurance specialists at Infinity Insurance Solutions to offer you the Active Travel Insurance Policy that will cover you for all athletics events, right up to marathon running. It does so at surprisingly cheap prices - get a quote to see how little it will cost you.

Whilst it won't insure you against a poor run, or not breaking a world record (oh, that such an insurance existed!), it does cover you in the eventuality that you have a problem that occurs from racing.

Who and what is this travel insurance policy for?

The policy has been put together by runners for runners and covers all athletics events up to the standard marathon distance and also 100 other activities at no extra charge (maybe you could take part in some tennis, water skiing or even a triathlon whilst you are away).

There are policies for individual trips or for annual cover, they will cover most people (including those competing right up to the age of 84!) and can be for anywhere in the world.

The annual policy will cover all your trips with races and also any other trips you take whether active or not.

Travel Insurance for Runners at a BIG Discount through Momentum Sports

What could be better?


in the discount code section to show that you have found out about the insurance through us (and we get a bit of money as well to help maintain our site). You click to their site and get a quote and see your price for this great value competitors travel insurance.

Unfortunately we have had to temporarily remove our link to this insurance - it will be brought back up soon.

Travel insurance provided by Infinity Insurance Solutions (a division of Travel Insurance Facilities Plc.) and underwritten by Union Reiseversicherung AG who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority.

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