Choosing the Best Running Shoes

There is an often mindboggling array of running shoes that can be purchased by the keen runner. To try to help simplify this a little we have split the shoes into a number of categories so that you narrow down your search a little.

Try to ensure that you carefully consider both the type of running that you want to do and also the type of runner that you are.

For example, you may wish to primarily race on roads over 5k or 10k, so a racing flat might seem sensible, but if you are a heavier runner, then it may well be more sensible to purchase a more cushionned shoe.

  1. All-purpose Running Shoes
  2. Highly Cushionned Running Shoes
  3. Racing Flats
  4. Off Road Running Shoes

There are more categories that we could split these into in the future, but this will give you a good start as you try to find what you need.

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