Choosing the Best Running Heart Rate Monitors

Polar RS800SD Heart Rate Monitor

The RS800SD has been designed for serious endurance athletes and competition runners. Wireless ECG accurate heart rate. Polar sport zones. Polar OwnZone & Polar OwnCal. Polar Fitness Test with OwnIndex. Polar OwnCode (2.4 GHz) W.I.N.D. Polar OwnOptimizer. HR-based target zones with visual alarm. 3 - HR-based target zones with audible alarm. 3 - HRmax(Polar Fitness test-based) - HRmax(age-based) - Interval timers. Maximum/Average/Minimum heart rate of total exercise. Average/Maximum heart rate of each lap. Number of laps - 99 - Exercise Date - Altitude and ascent. Interval trainer (HR, pace, distance) guided workouts. ZonePointer. Zonelock. Polar OwnCal - Transfer exercise data from wrist unit to via Polar WebLink (SonicLink/Infrared) - Compatible with Polar ProTrainer 5 software (£319.05)

Polar FT4

This simple to use heart rate monitor is both stylish and waterproof, ideal for the track, gym or pool. It comes complete with a WearLink+ transmitter which is coded to avoid interference with other monitors. It also has a useful graphical display which will allow easy indication of whether you are training within your desired heart rate zone. (£64.99)

The Polar F11M Heart Rate Monitor

This HRM creates a workout program that tells you how much, how hard and how long to exercise to reach and break the goals you have set. The F11 is the closest thing to having your own personal trainer.


Wireless ECG accurate heart rate. Polar OwnZone®. Polar OwnCal®. Polar Fitness Test™. Polar OwnCode®. Target zones with visual and audible alarm. Maximum and average, download exercise data from wrist unit to Polar web service. 12 exercise files. Fitness exercise diary. Heart rate displayed as bpm or as a % of maximum heart rate. Water resistant to 30m. Also features time of the day, alarms and a stopwatch. (£91.60)

Garmin Women's FR60 Premium HRM with Footpod

This a newly updated version of the Forerunner 50, coming as it does, with both a footpad and a heart rate monitor. It has such features as 3 lines of visual data, a virtual training partner, and has improve water resistance. The heart rate monitor strap and footpod have both the reduced in size and fit very comfortably. You can also download all of your data to a computer for analysis after sessions. Overall a fantastic piece of kit.(£134.99)

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