Training Partner Registration

To date we have created fairly extensive listings in our club and track directories. We are now introducing new directories, one of which is for runners to find training partners to train with.

If you would like to find people in your area to train with please fill in the form below and we will post it, free of charge, and hopefully you will get response from other athletes in your area of your standard.

Please complete as much of the form as possible - although you don't have to give us your personal details of you don't wish to. However, it is always good to see who is looking at our site. Obviously, we will need enough for other runners to be able to contact you. Therefore, you must include your name (or nickname), e-mail address and the county you live in, at the least.

Please also use this form if you wish to tell us of about an error or omission from the information already listed about you.

Your Name (can be a nickname if you like):

Address (Line 1):

Address (Line 2):

Address (Line 3):

Address (Line 4):


Post Code:

Town (if not clear from above):

Phone Number:

E-Mail Contact:

Fax Number:

Directions to a place you would like to meet to run:

Other Information:

This could include how often you want to train, which days you are available, what standard of runner you are or how far you like to run in a session.


Whilst we cannot guarantee to put up every piece of information we receive but we will endeavour to put up as much as possible.



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