Project 2012 Sponsorship

Momentum Sports is sponsoring a number of athletes to achieve their very best results through a range of initiatives and sponsorship opportunities. If you might like help with this please continue reading.

With the Olympics coming to London in 2012 it has brought much of British sport into focus. This includes athletics as this is the most popular of the sports and always forms the centrepiece of attention for any Olympics.

With this in mind, here at Momentum Sports we have chosen to take a more professional approach to the athletics of the elite athletes that we coach, with a view to giving them the best opportunity available to fulfill their talent come 2012. We are providing sponsorship, both from within the company and externally, to help produce the best athletics performances possible.

Interested in getting sponsored by Momentum Sports in Project 2012?

We are not saying that we can create Olympic champions, just by providing a proper focus and back up to training, but with an environment where we look to an attitude of "no compromise" for our athletes then we believe they can go a long way.

In return for the athletes continued determination and dedication - coupled with their undoubted talent - Momentum Sports aims to provide a level of support for its athletes which as closely as possible fulfills all the needs an athlete has in the modern athletics arena.

This is a lot more than just top quality coaching, Project 2012 Sponsorship also includes

  • Mentoring, Guidance and Schedule Management
  • Sports Massages
  • Physiotherapy when necessary
  • Nutritional Advice
  • Strength and Conditioning help
  • Sports Psychology
  • and more besides

Most good athletes put far more time and resources into their sport than most people appreciate. Whilst track athletics is fairly simple (moving from A to B quickly) it does require specialised spikes, good trainers, decent kit, equipment (eg video analysis, blocks, stopwatches, GPS's, Heart Rate Monitors and more) - not to mention all the travel that is involved to get to meetings all round the country and sometimes abroad as well. We estimate an average athlete at this level spends between 1500-2000 a year on their sport.


Whilst we at Momentum Sports are happy to bear quite a number of the costs involved here and are hugely appreciative of the donors who have already contributed the scheme - it is beyond our means to fund everything we wish to.

We have so far helped with regular sports massages, sports nutrition assistance, extra mentoring, some kit and helping subsidise a training trip abroad.

There is, however, more that we would like to be able to offer, so any extra sponsorship for the group that can be gained would be fantastic.

If there are any potential backers for this project, please get in touch with us at and we will be happy to talk in further details about our plans. It is not a purely one-way street. In return for any help you can offer we'd be happy to advertise you, if you wanted, through both our website and on any appropriate kit purchases. Remember, Momentum Sports is one of the biggest running websites in the UK with in excess of 70,000 visitors and 250,000 page impressions every quarter - so we know your support will become widely known amongst the running community.

2012 Athletes

Athlete Profiles

2009 Project 2012 Season

2010 Project 2012 Season

2011 Project 2012 Season

For 2010 we have split our athletes into two categories - those already competing at a high level, and the Project 2012 Academy for athletes who have the ability to achieve in the very near future. There are 6 athletes in the former and 7 in the later. All athletes involved in this project have shown over the last few years that they have the aptitude and dedication to achieve some top level performances by 2012.

Getting Sponsored by Project 2012

If you are an athlete with aspirations to achieve high levels of performance over the next few years and might be interested in gaining the benefits of the program, please get in touch with us at It is always great to welcome more athletes into the scheme.

We need to be relatively systematic about the inclusion of athletes in the project, as it is going to be a two-way street, with the supply of resources for these athletes needing reciprocal dedication and performance from them.

The group will therefore need to be fluid to an extent with each year more athletes who achieve high levels of attainment and show the potential to improve further being included and any not living up to expectation leaving the group.


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