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Momentum Sports Gold Membership

Momentum Sports Gold Membership is designed for the runner that wants to give themselves the best chance of fulfilling their potential in the races that they do.

It includes everything that a runner needs to support them with the effort they put into their sport, including coaching, personalised technique sessions, sports massage and nutritional advice.

Package Specifics


This is the coaching that all our athletes receive, details of which can be found at Momentum Sports Coaching. It includes coaching online and also participation, for those in the area in any of the sessions we run at Kingsmeadow Track in Kingston.

Sports Massage

In the 3 month subscription period you will get 3 sports massages with our masseur at the Kingston track. This will help ensure that your muscles are as prepared for running as they can be. This will reduce injury risk and improve performances.

Running Technique Session

Lots of runners work very hard, pounding out great distances and doing lots of sessions to get fitter and faster. Sometimes, however, improvements in technique are neglected and if this is addressed major improvements both in running efficiency and injury prevention can be made. Each 3 months you'll have a 2 hour session with one of our experienced coaches to work on your technique, who will give you lots of tips for improvements.

Sports Nutrition

Every 3 months you will get a consultation with our sports nutritionist, after you have filled in a food diary. She will analyse the sorts of foods you are eating and help you make changes to your diet which can make big differences to how you run. Many runners are surprised to learn that it is not just what you eat, but also when you eat that is important.


The cost of this package is 350 for 3 months. If you were to buy these services individually from other providers they would cost you between 600 and 800, so this package gives you everything you need at a fantastic value price.

If you would like to take up this offer, please register for the Online Coaching. After registering you'll be asked for payment for this (110 for 3 months or 305 for a whole year), to take up Gold Membership please pay the 350 when you are asked for payment. We will take things from there.

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