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A Training Diary is a useful, some would say essential, tool for any athlete. It supplies you information on how your training has gone in the past and allows you to make comparisions from one training period to another. Often, it is in retrospect with the use of a diary, that we can spot problems with our training, which led to our results being less than we had hoped for.

As a result we have created a comprehensive Online Training Diary facility for you to use. This will allow you to keep a diary where you can enter the training you have done and how it went. Over time this will build up into a very useful reference to help you in your future planning.

To aid with this, we have supplied a range of analysis tools which will allow you to compare sessions over time, whether they be of the same sort or within a set period. You will be able to create graphs, charts and lists of training grouped as you wish to see them.

You can total mileage or a range of periods (weeks, months etc), find you best times, and even compare your sessions with other "similar" ones that you have done.

With computer power on your side you will be saved trawling through a pile of diaries, which, from our personal experience, can be very time consuming.

All this is brought to you at the bargain one-off payment of 15. This will give you unlimited access to your diary and all of the review options as well as online help.

Before you register you may wish to ask addition questions of us. If this is the case please e-mail us at coaches@momentumsports.co.uk

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