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What is the greatest British Athletics performance EVER?

What is the greatest single performance by a Briton ever in the field of athletics. A few spring to mind, but we would like you to recommend a few and then we'll put the best ones to the vote.

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You don't have to give us any of the above information if you don't wish to. We just want to see who is using the site and where they are from.

Voting closes on the 31st October 2007. Please just vote once per day (if you feel strongly about this you may have another vote tomorrow!)

Result of Previous Polls.

We asked who you thought would be the top British Males Sprinter in 2002.

With an overwhelming 49% (more than double anyone else) you said Dwain Chambers. We think his success in the European Championships bear that out.

We asked you who you thought the greatest British athletes of all time have been and you voted these 3 people to be way ahead of the rest.

      1. Daley Thompson 25.5%
      2. Sebastian Coe 23.6%
      3. Sally Gunnell 19.8%

The remaining 9 athletes totally 31.1% between them, with none of them getting above 6%.

Next we asked who you thought the top athlete of 2002 was - it came as no surprise that with nearly 3 times as many votes as anyone else Paula Radcliffe was your choice.

During the summer we asked how you thought UK:Athletics should spend their development money. The result was quite close, but the winner was Club Athletics (30.8%) followed by Schools (26.9%). The least favoured option was to spend it on our potential Olympians (just 11.5%) - it would be interesting to know what they actually spend the money on - anyone at UK:A care to let us know.

In summer 2003, we asked you to guess how many medals Great Britain would get at the World Championships. Unfortunately, it wasn't a great championships for the British team so only 7% of people guessed right at 4 medals.

At the end of 2003 the poll was about who was the athlete of the year. It came as no surprise that Paula Radcliffe was again your top athlete - although this time she was pushed harder by Darren Campbell and Chris Rawlinson who both got about 1/4 of the vote.

In the latest poll which finished in Oct 2006 - we discovered that with 42% of the vote Track Championships were far and away your favourite types of competition to compete in.














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