Running Records

Here are the records for athletes whilst be coached by Momentum Sports coaches.

Event Record Athlete Location Date
60m 6.99 Sam Ige
100m 10.92 Sam Ige
150m 16.8w? Richard Holt
17.89 Humphrey Waddington
200m 22.25 Chris Hall
22.04w Chris Hall
300m 35.5 Richard Holt
400m 49.3 Richard Holt
600m 84.0 Richard Holt
800m 1.51.89 Scott Evans
1500m 3.53.14 Scott Evans
1 Mile
3000m 8.43.69 Josh Mutch
5000m 15.12.03 Neil Wellard
5k Road
5M Road 25.28 Brian Murphy
10000m 36.34.21 John Burnett
10k Road 32.52 Josh Mutch
10M Road 56.20 John Wadelin
Half Marathon 1:11.06 Brian Murphy
20M Road 2:04.20 Alistair Chambers
Marathon 2:37.47 Harry Johnston
110H 15.4 Chris Hall
400H 52.11 Richard Holt
2000SC 6.41.4 James Robertson
3000SC 9.57.49 James Robertson



















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